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The Power of a Woman's Love

Theses poems and prose were written for you. They are my thoughts about what you may need to hear, feel, and or desire. These poems are for those who have loved, want to love, loved & lost or maybe just enjoy reading about love and the power it holds.

Adjusting to Life after I do 

Saying I Do is the beginning of a beautiful life... The stress of the wedding day is over and now it's time to start living as a couple.  Merging two households isn't as easy as one may think. I found myself stressing over the many changes that we faced after we said I do. From changing my name and updating accounts to creating cheat sheets so that we can keep track of everything; I realized that there had to be a better way.

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​​Naomi's Secret  (Book 1 of 3)

Life isn't always as it seems. Naomi had an easy life growing up as her mother’s pride and joy. They lived a middle-class life filled with love and Christian values until the day Naomi’s world would be flipped upside down. She would never be the same and chose her own way of coping with her demons until Dr. Shavers pulled the wool off of her eyes and revealed the secrets that were the basis of her struggles. Will she make the right choices and gain a life of freedom or will she yield to her fears and remain in a place of uncertainty?

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Life is a journey and my desire for you is to have a life-changing experience that will teach you to love yourself so that you can love others, trust God in all things, and live a fruitful life. Love-Trust-Live shares thoughts and experiences that have helped me learn to live a more fulfilling life by following these principles.  Once put into the proper perspective, Love-Trust-Live is a simplified process for living each day to the fullest, while treating people the way you want to be treated and trusting God to provide the direction needed to get you to where He wants you.

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Love and Such is a six book collection of poems, prayers and words of encouragement about love, life, grief, and such. Too many times we think that we are the only ones having feelings of doubt, shame, loss and struggles. This collection was put together to encourage you to keep going. Remember, life is a road that we all must travel, so make an adventure out of it. I encourage you to feel what you feel.  Acknowledge your mistakes and don’t be ashamed.  Feel it, deal with it, pick yourself up and work with it. If you don’t like it, change it. The Love and Such collection is just the thing to lift your spirits, encourage you, motivate you, make you laugh, and show you that you are loved.

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Comprised of biblical references to direct readers, IN THE MORNING WHEN I RISE is a fresh offering of inspiration that will help you start your day with a new outlook. Each personal story, concluding prayer and supporting scripture encourages self-reflection and individual growth, as well as note pages for studying and review. Recommended as a daily guide, these 31 Days of Inspirational Readings are sure to serve as a permanent reminder of God’s goodness.

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My daily check-in is a 4 book quarterly guide to assist with self-help and daily journal. Struggles are hard and the first step in healing is acknowledging the pain. There are 4 cover designs to choose from and you progress throughout the year.

Bible Study Journal is a guide to assist with a 5-minute journaling experience for daily bible ready. There are 7 cover options to select from for men and women.

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